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10/11/2018 Jeremy Enters the Game (flash fic)

26/04/2018 Writing a single couple series (Guns n’ Boys)

16/04/2018 Artifacts (Guns n’ Boys)

12/04/2018 Designing Guns n’ Boys covers

17.02/2018 BDSM-themed interview

16/01/2018 Pushing back projects

15/11/2018 On Your Knees, Prospect!

30/10/2017 We Met in Death

20/09/2017 Manic Pixie Dream Boy 

14/04/2017 Interview by RJ Jones – Agnes (Guns n’ Boys: Bloodbath)

12/02/2017 Bayou Book Junkie – Agnes (The Black Sheep and the Rotten Apple)

11/02/2017 Divine Magazine – Agnes (The Black Sheep and the Rotten Apple)

10/02/2017 Dick Turpin – Agnes (The Black Sheep and the Rotten Apple)

10/02/2017 Jerry Abershaw – Agnes (The Black Sheep and the Rotten Apple)

09/02/2017 Claude Duval – Agnes (The Black Sheep and the Rotten Apple)

09/02/2017 William Nevison – Agnes (The Black Sheep and the Rotten Apple)

08/02/2017 Highwaymen – Agnes (The Black Sheep and the Rotten Apple)

07/02/2017 Inspiration behind Fairfield Park Agnes (The Black Sheep and the Rotten Apple)

06/02/2017 Inspiration behind Tredele Agnes (The Black Sheep and the Rotten Apple)

03/02/2017 Crime in 18th century Britain Agnes (The Black Sheep and the Rotten Apple)

06/01/2017 Cold Beet Soup – Agnes (I Love You More Than Pierogi)

05/01/2017 Lazy Dumplings Recipe – Agnes (I Love You More Than Pierogi)

05/01/2017 Bigos Recipe – Agnes (I Love You More Than Pierogi)

04/01/2017 Weird Polish Food – Agnes (I Love You More Than Pierogi)

29/12/2017 Polish Food – Agnes (I Love You More Than Pierogi)

13/02/1016 Disability theme – Agnes  (His Favorite Color is Blood)

18/11/2015 Stepbrothers – Agnes (One Step Too Close)

06/09/2015 Why is Seth’s name not Italian? – Agnes (Guns n’ Boys)

05/09/2015 Adding new characters – Agnes (Guns n’ Boys)

05/09/2015 Writing a single-couple series – Agnes (Guns n’ Boys)

18/07/2015 Red Jack and Loki – Agnes (Red Hot)

02/05/2015 Bisexual characters in M/M – Agnes (No Matter What)

26/04/2015 Connected – Agnes (No Matter What)

17/01/2015 Writing about gay bikers – Agnes (The Devil’s Ride; Road of No Return)

15/01/2015 Beards are in! – Agnes (The Devil’s Ride)

13/12/2014 Blood Types – Agnes (The Devil’s Ride)

19/10/2014 Forbidden Love – Agnes (Guns n’ Boys)

12/09/2014 Sins of Guns n’ Boys: Violence – Agnes

12/09/2014 Sins of Guns n’ Boys: Smoking – Agnes

11/09/2014 Sins of Guns n’ Boys: Religion – Agnes

30/07/2014 Gay for You? – Kat (Road of No Return)

22/07/2014 Putting across a character’s voice – Agnes (Road of No Return)

20/07/2014 The angry ex-wife – Agnes (Road of No Return)

28/06/2014 Road of No Return cover reveal – Kat

22/06/2014 Guns’n’Boys cover reveal – Kat

20/04/2014 Our inspirations – Agnes (Special Needs, Doggie Bagg’d, An Onanist’s Journey to Reclaiming his Seed, Stung)

14/03/2014 Lord of the Stable – Agnes (The Copper Horse: Fear)

13/03/2014 Reuben, the Poor Baker Who Became a Stallion – Agnes (The Copper Horse)

12/03/2014 Welcome to the New World – Agnes (The Copper Horse: Fear)

11/03/2014 Dubious Consent in The Copper Horse – Kat (The Copper Horse: Fear)

10/03/2014 How to Become a Pony in Ten Easy Steps – Agnes (The Copper Horse: Fear)

12/02/2014 Not Your Typical HEA – Agnes (The Copper Horse: Fear, In His Shoes, Special Needs)

04/01/3014 SMP Anniversary tour – Agnes (The Copper Horse: Fear)

22/12/2013 Special Needs Christmas Coda – Kat and Agnes (Special Needs)

10/12/2013 LYLBTB Advent Event: Special Needs – Kat (Special Needs)

06/12/2013 LYLBTB Advent Event: Doggie Bagg’d – Kat (Doggie Bagg’d)

01/11/2013 Mind the zombies at the gates of London – Agnes (Stung)

30/10/2013 If you want honey, prepare to get stung – Kat (Stung)

31/08/2013 When a combat boot on your face means ‘I love you’ – Agnes (Rainbow Bash’d)

12/08/2013 Adding some flavor to the vanilla – Agnes (Special Needs)

01/07/2013 Some needs are more special than others – Agnes (Special Needs)

26/06/2013 Think Ink – Agnes (Special Needs)

18/05/2013 Matthew Powers lives to tell his story – Agnes (Queer Fear)

17/05/2013 A quick guide to erotic horror dating – Kat (Queer Fear)

10/05/2013 Using zombies as different types of background in storytelling – Agnes (Off with Their Heads)

28/03/2013 If a human eats a merman is it cannibalism? – Agnes (Playing with Food)

19/03/2013 Is it always wrong to be anachronistic? – Agnes (Off with Their Heads!)

15/03/2013 Redesigning covers – Kat (Scavengers)

20/12/2012 Christmas special no-nos (a subjective list) – Agnes

09/01/2017 Alpha Book Club interview

18/11/2015 Pop Kitty Interview

05/02/2015 Interview for Josephine Myles

26/08/2014 Interview with author K.A. Merikan

22/08/2014 – Author of the Month

03/02/2-14 – About K.A. Merikan – Kat and Agnes

04/11/2013 – About ‘Stung’ – with Kat and Agnes

06/08/2013 – Agnes Merikan of K.A. Merikan is here! – with Agnes

30/06/2013 – Three burning questions about ‘Special Needs’ – Kat and Agnes

14/05/2013 – Meet the Delegates of the UK LGBT Fiction Meet 2013 – Kat and Agnes

14/02/2013 – Tush’s Ten with K.A. Merikan  & ‘Off with Their Heads!’ – with Kat and Agnes

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