Easter eggies! :D (Psst, and freebie book!)

We decided to have some fun for Easter and made eggs with our book characters :) Having them in our heads is like having them live with us, so making these little guys was hilarious fun.

Behold! Erik and Copper from The Copper Horse, carting around Bylondon

Next up were Liam and Ryan from Special Needs, on a romantic date at a restaurant, where Liam surprises Ryan with a pizza! :) (Yes, Ryan is wearing his merman tail)

But then Liam broke up with Ryan and it was so sad, we had to eat Ryan soon after :(

So sad.

Psst! As a special Easter gift, we’re giving away An Onanist’s Journey to Reclaiming his Seed You can get it on Smashwords for free with the code UD89E until April 22nd :)

Have fun and Happy Easter! :) )


Scavengers gets a makeover

We wanted to give “Scavengers” a flashy makeover. Done by the talented Book Cover Master Class. I love how it turned out, has some great effects :)

Available at:

This collection includes the complete ‘Scavengers’ series: ‘Scavengers: July’, ‘Scavengers: August’, ‘Scavengers: September’, and ‘Scavengers: Eton Mess’.

— There is a time for everything in a gentleman’s life. First lover. First zombie kill —

James Hurst is a man of obligation and good morals. After most of his family perished as a result of the new, horrific illness, he didn’t hesitate to live up to his new responsibilities. A few years later, he is married to his childhood sweetheart, with whom he has a son and his political career is going smoothly. Unfortunately, most of his family land had been overridden by the undead and therefore, it brings no more profit. Facing bankruptcy, he decides to risk it all and try to get the jewels hidden in his family manor…

In order to get there, he will need to leave the safe city walls and cross a region swarming with ghouls. He hires Ira Russell, a man whose skill at recovering valuables from lost territories has earned him a small fortune. From the moment James first saw Ira, he knew the man was dangerous, but he could have never predicted just how much of a danger he would be to all that James had always believed in.


Themes: zombies, alternative history, turn of the century London, class differences, mercenary, steampunk, smutty prints, marking iron, self-discovery, tattoos, white marriage, misunderstandings, dangerous cult, anti-semitism, blackmail, terrorism

Erotic Content: explicit M/M sex scenes (including BDSM, dirty talk, spanking, bondage, sexual role play, shibari – rope play)

Length: ~88,100 words

Genre: erotic romance, steampunk/neo-victorian, adventure, gore

Birthday Burglar revisit

We have a new cover to share today. It’s for an oldie but goodie, Birthday Burglar, a erotic comedy freebie:

— Two men. A dog. A balaclava. —

It’s Neil’s birthday and his boyfriend, Jamie, is determined to make it unforgettable. With Neil complaining that their life got predictable, surprise is key. Jamie comes up with the best birthday plan ever, but nothing seems to go his way. His sexual role-play idea goes sideways, and the gift he got Neil does everything in its power to interfere in the bedroom.

Can Jamie still make it an evening to remember?


Themes: established couple, birthday, smaller top, men with pets, opposites attract

Genre: erotica, contemporary, comedy

Erotic content: Contains explicit m/m sex scenes, failed role play and a chocolate orgasm
Length: ~6,000 words

Available for download on Smashwords, Amazon, Barnes&Noble, AllRomance

Copper Horse blog tour and giveaways :)

With The Copper Horse: Fear all out and about, we have a blog tour going where you can learn more about The Copper Horse and the Zombie Gentlemen universe.

The blog tour:

Monday, March 10thSinfully Sexy – “How To Become a Pony in Ten Easy Steps” – basics of pony-play +GIVEAWAY
Tuesday, March 11thBoys in Our Books – “So what’s dubious about dubious consent?”
Wednesday, March 12thJoyfully Jay – “Welcome to the New World (of Zombies)” – more about the world of Zombie Gentlemen +GIVEAWAY
Thursday, March 13thThe Novel Approach – “Reuben, the Poor Baker who Became a Stallion” – being a baker in Victorian London
Friday, March 14th Live Your Life, Buy the Book  – “Lord of the Stable” – more about Erik’s obsession and his mansion
It’s funny how a book that has only been out for a few days and is fresh and new for readers, is something we’ve had already finished for ages now. I find the best way of dealing with having a book out is getting started on the next one, so we’re going back to work on our new, completely different story with the working title: Diary of a Teenage Taxidermist :D

Copper’s day out!

With the first part of Copper’s biography, “The Copper Horse: Fear”, coming out today, Copper understood he is now a celebrity and decided to live the life he deserves.

First, he went for a stroll to the park, to breath in some fresh air and bask in the glory of being famous.

He left his shabby stable and booked into a luxury hotel.

As soon as he left all his tack in his new room, he went to the shopping centre nearby.

As he was strolling around jewelry stores, looking for gold pleated hooves, he decided to pop into Starbucks.

He posed with his Frappucino, so he could put the photos on Instagram.

But Starbucks wasn’t posh enough. He decided to get some sushi.

But as he sat in the minimalistic space, indulging in his expensive treat, he felt empty, something was missing. The truth was, at the bottom of his heart, Copper was a simple horse with working class needs. Hell! He didn’t even like the sushi! What he really wanted was…

…a burger, fries and the company of friends. Aww, Copper! Such a simple horse.

First 3 chapters of The Copper Horse: Fear

We are extremely excited with The Copper Horse: Fear coming out in less than two weeks now. You can still order it at 20% OFF at the Storm Moon Press site.

In the meanwhile, we invite you to read the three first chapters on our website! :)


Chapter 1

Chapter 2

Chapter 3

More about The Copper Horse from Agnes Merikan:

It’s been almost two years since we started writing The Copper Horse: Fear. We wanted to write a slavery story that would be different than the books we’ve read before. Both of us enjoy dub-con much more than non-con scenes, whereas the typical slavery/abduction novels tend to focus on brutal scenes, sometimes progressing to a hurt/comfort type of romance. While I understand what the readers/authors of such books like about them, I personally don’t like reading scenes of sex where the sub/bottom doesn’t enjoy himself at all. Also, I like something less black and white. Typical BDSM romance on the other hand, I don’t generally find exciting or entertaining enough, unless there is an interesting non-relationship plotline. And sadly, books that contain those are scarce.


The main idea behind the power play in The Copper Horse trilogy is the fact that both characters are afraid to be sincere with each other. The book begins as an abduction story set in an alternative Victorian London. Reuben, a poor baker’s son, is miserable, ashamed of his homosexuality and submissive desires. His life, however, undergoes a dramatic change after he’s abducted and ends up as a ‘pet horse’ of a wealthy gang member. Despite initial shock and rage, he quickly adjusts to being pampered and enjoying guiltless sex with the most handsome man he has ever laid his eyes on. For the first time in his life, Reuben is the center of someone’s attention, and being a human horse turns out to give his life purpose. Erik, the man who put a bridle on Reuben’s head has very different reasons to hide his real thoughts from his pony. With time, it becomes clear he is not the only one holding power, nor is he just treating Reuben as a luxurious toy.


As for the pet play aspect of the book, it obviously has a big role in the plot. The Copper Horse is an erotic romance, so there were many opportunities for us to explore the various possibilities and types of pony play, which we wouldn’t be able to do in a shorter book. As this is essentially a slavery story, we could immerse ourselves in Erik’s fantasy world and show Reuben’s fascination with it grow step by step. Moreover, pony play is unique in the sense that despite the ‘pony’ being a submissive to his master, it is not considered a ‘lowly’ animal in the way dogs, cows, and pigs are. Horses are proud animals, to be displayed and frolicked with, and even though people practicing pony play have various takes on it, that is a distinct way the horse as an animal is generally perceived.


We really enjoyed taking Erik and Reuben on the journey of highs and lows. None of them is perfect, but they are perfect for each other, and that is what counts. Although I believe it is a story that could resonate with many people on a strictly relationship-related level, the setting, the fetish, and the take on the slavery theme make it a bit obscure. I really hope it won’t discourage readers, because at the core of The Copper Horse series is a love story, even if it’s quite bloody and twisted. It is a somewhat risky book to publish, so we are very happy that Storm Moon Press saw its potential and took it under their wing ;) The whole story will consist of three books with titles that reflect Reuben’s emotional journey as Erik’s pet horse. We believe it is a different take on the genre, especially that it is a total of three novels dedicated to the exploration of pony play. It is something I always wanted to read, but couldn’t find.

(Partially reblogged from http://bookwhoresunited.blogspot.co.uk/2014/01/storm-moon-press-4th-anniversary-blog.html )


An Onanist’s Journey to Reclaiming His Seed


— It is a truth universally acknowledged, that a young man in want of a wife, might fall prey to the heinous sin of self-pollution. —

Benjamin Snowley is trapped in a most distressing predicament. He’d been feeling poorly and after having recently recovered from influenza, with his eyesight worsening, he knows that the fault for his declining health lays in a vice he wouldn’t dare mention in polite conversation.

Onanism, self-pollution, masturbation. All names for the same sinful affliction.

Benjamin refuses to be dragged down into an early grave by unnatural urges. When he finds out about a doctor who came up with a new, experimental method of treating his illness, he jumps at the opportunity.

Benjamin Snowley is determined to get better even if the treatment is highly unorthodox and involves an inappropriate proposition for a young stableman.


Themes: masturbation, historical attitudes to sexuality, medicine, doctor, guilt, unorthodox treatment, master/servant, groom, superstition

Genre: m/m Regency erotica

Erotic content: explicit language, inappropriate medical examination, sexual healing, cum swallowing, bareback, sex toys, body worship

Length:  ~13,000 words


It was a few years back, at the end of a visit to the National Museum in Warsaw, Poland, that in the museum gift shop Agnes and I found a funny little booklet by Doussin-Dubreuil, which could be loosely translated as ‘The Dangers of Onanism’. First published in 1825, it is a hilarious, but also eye-opening, account for the modern reader. We’re both interested in sexology, so the little book provided insight into nineteenth century views on masturbation. It presented the author’s theory as fact, and it’s worth mentioning that Doussin-Dubreuil’s assumptions included gems like masturbation being the cause of epilepsy and consumption.

The quote that got my imagination going though was one from an 1832 translation of a work called ‘A Treatise on the Diseases produced by Onanism.’ by M.D. Tissot:

“Our bodies, and those of animals generally, are so constructed that in order for the alinment to acquire the degree of preparation necessary to nourish them, a certain quantity of the fluids, (…)are necessary. If they do not exist, digestion is imperfect, in proportion to the importance of the fluid deficient.”

“(…)the seminal fluid, which has so much influence on the strength of the body and on the perfection of digestion which restores it, that physicians of every age have unanimously admitted, that the loss of one ounce of it, enfeebles more than forty ounces of blood.”

There we go. Sound medical knowledge right there. Such ludicrous statements, based on nothing more than a doctor’s idea, inspired us to imagine what other outrageous ways of medicating ‘the disease of onanism’ could exist. And thus, ‘An Onanist’s Journey to Reclaiming His Seed’. was born. Hope you will enjoy this crazy, kinky regency romp!

It will be out on 14th of February, Valentines Day, so hold on to your candy hearts ;)

Kat&Agnes Merikan AKA K.A. Merikan

House Warm’d

So, the kinky story continues, with Dan and Kyle moving in together. But what would a new house be without meeting the neighbor? It’s the first time they’re adding another guy to their relationship equation (since it’s beforeClown’d on the timeline) and Dan is actually quite nervous. It’s also the first time the whole story is from his point of view, so this one is a bit different, with the ‘camera’ lens focusing on Kyle’s ass, not Dan’s cock ;)


— How to make a house a home —

Dan and Kyle have just moved in together, but to make their new place cozy, Dan wants to make friends in the neighborhood. And what better way than to invite the guy next door over? Dan’s dirty minded boyfriend has been mentioning his interest in a threesome and Dan is ready to take the plunge. He’s willing to invite someone new into their bedroom, but it will only be happening on his own terms.
Terms that involve handcuffs, duct tape and a fake gun.


‘House Warm’d’ is a standalone story in the XXX’d series, a prequel to ‘Clown’d’.


Themes: Home invasion, threesome, established couple, housewarming

Genre: erotica, contemporary

Erotic content: sizzling hot graphic language, humiliation kink, rape fantasy role play, bondage, toys, spanking, dirty talk, threesome

Length: ~11,000 words


Now available on AllRomance, Smashwords and Amazon :)

“Stung: Winter Special” Freebie

When we put out “Stung”, we didn’t want to have an epilogue. We felt it would unnecessarily stretch out the story. But the little idea of ‘what happened next’ with the couple, kept knocking at our door. So we decided to put out this FREE extra story of a little reunion Victor and Crunch managed to have back in London :)

A little blurb and the links to where you can get it:

It’s been a few months since Crunch and his comrades liberated the mob-run prison camp HoneyHill. But content as he is, Crunch can’t forget Victor, the beautiful prisoner with whom he shared a brief affair. Taking a leap of faith, he shows up at Victor’s door, but will it turn out he really was missed?

This short story is set a few months after the events described in our novel, Stung. It could be read separately, but we advise to read the novel first, as it is not a stand alone.

The book contains explicit M/M erotic content.

AllRomance - Amazon - Smashwords

Or on our website for the PDF

Merry Christmas from the Merikans!

Kat (left) and Agnes (right) - the K and A of K.A. Merikan

Hi guys! It’s been a wild year for us, with lots of changes. Agnes moved to another country, we moved in together, there were new projects and plans, we wrote around 600,000 words and published 15 books.

Plans for 2014 include:

- The Copper Horse: Fear will be released in March. You can pre-order it HERE, saving 20%.

- More adventures of the kinky couple, Kyle and Dan.

We are currently working on/planning:

- a gritty mafia-themed romance with real bloodshed, betrayal and gray morals,

- a novel-length sequel to Playing with Food. Expect fun in the water, unusual genitals and alternative orifices ;) ,

- a London- set romantic comedy about two men, who at first glance seem very different, but it will soon turn out they have quite a lot in common. As soon as they agree on whether to have sex in a room full of dolls or not that is,

- set in the world of Zombie Gentlemen, a twisted story of hurt/comfort, and of a man who dares to strive to become a god on Earth.


We hope that you all enjoy the holiday season, no matter what and whether you celebrate. After all, there aren’t many opportunities for guiltless binge-eating and doing nothing ;) Have a great time and a happy new year!

Kat with Copper, our pet horse.

Agnes' gingerbread loaf. Turned out yum!