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We know a lot of you reading this already support us by buying our books, and it makes us extremely frustrated sometimes that we can’t deliver our yet more niche stories because we are often at a fork in the road. Do we choose a more commercial project to write (which we love just as much!) and pay rent and bills, or do we venture into the unknown of a more risky book?

Oftentimes the risky book goes on the backburner in our brains. We hope that Patreon will give us the freedom to write those obscure, weird, dark, and wonderful books you will enjoy. One of our most popular books, “Laurent and the Beast” was among those stories and had spent 2 *years* waiting for its moment to shine. Because – gothic M/M biker romance with time travel and the devil – who will read that, right?

And then there is the issue of writing series, which brings us to our most prominent Patreon project for 2018, “Guns n’ Boys”. Pulpy, dark, yet filled with inappropriate humor, this series isn’t for everyone, which instantly makes it a harder sell, but its main characters, Seth and Domenico, are so deeply rooted in our hearts that we refuse to compromise. The series is now at six books, with at least seven more planned, and we will never give up on our vision for it, but we also have to be realistic about publishing.

With each new book in a series, a part of the readership disappears, some readers choose to not read a series until it’s finished, some pirate the books, killing the possibility of writing books for this series more than once a year.

THIS is where you can step in and help. You can give us the freedom to bring you “Guns n’ Boys” books more often so that you can sooner find out how the whole story ends. Stuck between a rock and a hard place, we WILL continue writing this series, but it might take years to publish all the novels. We have set goals on Patreon, which if we hit them, could bring even FOUR “Guns n’ Boys” books in 2018.

If you already buy the books, I know it’s a lot to ask, but if you want to see more of Seth and Domenico, support indie writing free of worry if a book is “commercial” enough, and get LOADS of goodies and fun fiction in the meanwhile, we will greatly appreciate your support on Patreon!

Check out all the support tiers to find out what kind of surprises we have prepared!

The books themselves will be published as usual, on AMAZON, but depending on Patreon results, we will be able to write more “Guns n’ Boys” books in 2018, commission custom goodies and illustrations, and offer you lots of flash fiction, slice-of-life snippets with the characters, side character point of view stories, and more, including a monthly opinion column by Domenico Acerbi himself – “Since you didn’t ask”!

K.A. Merikan’s Patreon

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