Daddy’s Forbidden Room

“Oh, Kevin, no… you don’t need a boyfriend. What you need is a Daddy.”

Kevin knows his worth. He’s a cute twink who, despite his lack of experience, has a lot to offer. So when life deals him lemons, all he needs is sugar to make lemonade.

A Sugar Daddy that is. 

Kevin is ready to throw caution to the wind when he meets a mysterious man who offers him the opportunity of a lifetime. A million dollars in exchange for becoming the man’s boy toy and staying with him for one year. Sandro is older, devastatingly handsome, and ready to show Kevin a world of sensual pleasures while lavishing him with luxury.

But Kevin’s new Daddy also has strict rules.

Never leave the island.

Never disobey.

And never enter the forbidden room behind the white door.

What starts as a mutually beneficial arrangement quickly turns into a whirlwind of passion. Secrets become too tempting to resist, and whatever hides behind the white door could be the undoing of all that Kevin loves about his Daddy.


“What’s this room?”

Sandro put his hand on Kevin’s nape. “This is a part of the house you’re not allowed in.”

Kevin stared at the white door with his lips parted. “Why, Bluebeard? Hiding all your dead ex-husbands?”

Sandro chuckled. “If I told you, I’d have to kill you.”

Themes: Daddy kink, secrets, age gap, Sugar Baby/Sugar Daddy, rent boy, spanking, discipline, lingerie kink

Genre: M/M romance with dark elements

Length: ~35,000 words (Standalone novel)

Erotic content: Scorching hot, emotional, explicit scenes

WARNING: This story contains scenes of violence, and morally ambiguous characters.

Kevin’s mind was numb by the time he got halfway down the walkway, but his focus became razor-sharp when a man got off the yacht and headed his way at the steady pace of an arrow aimed at his heart. The sun shone from behind this stranger who might—or might not—be Sandro himself, blinding Kevin, but the way the man moved showed that he was no aging retiree, unless he was one of those so-rich-I-retired-in-my-thirties people.

He wasn’t wearing a suit either.

Kevin swallowed, but wouldn’t chicken out. He gave a shy wave, determined to not seem as skittish as he felt.

The closer the man was, the faster Kevin’s heart pounded. Every confident stride ticked off split seconds remaining to their meeting, and Kevin was surprised by how overwhelmed he felt. He wanted to both stop time to take a deep breath and speed it up so that he could meet Sandro’s gaze already.

So he resumed walking. Fortune favored the bold.

Sandro wore a pair of dark pants and kept one hand in his pocket as he approached. He did have a white shirt on and it was tucked in, but Kevin saw no tie, and the sleeves were casually rolled up to reveal sturdy forearms. Tall, wide-shouldered and trim, Sandro was definitely muscular, but not a bulldozer of a man who spent his days pulling trucks. 

The closer he was, the clearer it became that Brandon hadn’t lied. 

Sandro was hot.

Kevin knew that much despite the man’s face obscured by shadow and sunglasses. He had short, neatly cut hair, a bit of stubble, and olive skin. 

“Sandro?” “Kevin?” they both said at once, already smiling at each other.

Kevin had to take a deep breath at the sound of Sandro’s voice. Even sexier than it had been on the phone. “Daddy,” he said and outstretched his hand while his guts twisted with nerves.

He’d been stressing out about the possibility of having to cause a scene, leave, be an embarrassment. But now, his anxiety skyrocketed because he knew he’d be staying and losing his virginity to the man in front of him. A man older, taller. A man who shook his hand and used the gesture to pull Kevin in for a quick kiss on the lips. Their first.

His scent clawed into all of Kevin’s senses, even though he should have only smelled Sandro with his nose. Instead, he could see the lemons in bright sunlight, their juice squeezed into a pestle full of bergamot while the gentlest hint of flowers tickled his cheeks with their soft white petals.

Kevin gasped, shy like a bride on her wedding night, and the stockings under the denim made that fantasy more real.

Sandro took off his shades, and their eyes met, rendering Kevin speechless. Never had a mature man like this—a full-grown, muscle packed, cologne-smelling, handsome guy like Sandro laid eyes on him this way. The dark brown gaze framed with short tar-black eyelashes drilled into Kevin the way Sandro no doubt wanted to with his dick. Only now did Kevin realize they were still holding hands, and he didn’t want to pull away.


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