Good Boys Don’t



Nate doesn’t fit in with his friends from church. He isn’t all that religious. He likes music his parents wouldn’t approve of. He’s gay. He’s determined to stay under the radar, but a chance meeting with a handsome biker who flirts Nate out of his modesty might throw those plans out of the window.


Themes: first time, music, finding oneself, coming of age, exploration

Genre: M/M contemporary erotica

Length: 9 000

He snapped out of the trance when Paula leaned down to him and whispered, “What a creeper. He’s been standing there forever. You should go and tell him he should mind his own business. He must be like twenty-five. He’s making us uncomfortable.”

Nate’s legs were unwilling to cooperate. “Uh, you think so?” he asked, even though this, at least, provided him with an excuse to talk to the mysterious stranger.

“He’s exactly the kind of man Reverend Allen told us to watch out for. He’s one step from Satan.”

Nate swallowed and approached lust personified. The guy didn’t avert his gaze, and instead, his full lips quirked in… invitation? A challenge?

Nate squeezed the guitar, which he kept at the front of his body, as if it were his shield. He was halfway across the empty space between the man and the girls when he realized how stupid it must’ve looked, but it was too late to put the instrument back in the case. He trudged on until he was face to face with the tall man in leather, too flustered to speak. Then again, what was his original reason for coming over? He couldn’t remember.

The man wasn’t at all startled, and he smiled in a way that made Nate’s world collapse in on itself. Why weren’t they kissing yet? He’d give anything to kiss those lips and press his fingers against the stubble.

“Nice voice. Too bad it’s wasted on Jesus.” The man winked, and Nate wasn’t sure what was happening anymore. Was this for real? The biker had a raspy undertone to his voice, and something about that quality flustered Nate.

He wasn’t sure what to say at first, slightly paranoid that this could be a trap, and that his reaction was being watched and recorded. But no Christian person would have said what the man just had, so Nate decided to be bold too. “Oh.”

That wasn’t bold at all. Captivated by the brown gaze, he was a mouse too terrified to run from the cat, and would end up as his plaything. “So you weren’t… spying on the girls?”

When the man cocked his head, his long hair slid over his shoulder. He remained casual and smirked, as if he didn’t know he presented a most glorious sight. “What girls?”

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